Pancakes with spinach and tomato sauce 16 zł
Grilled pork neck with bacon and onions, roasted potatoes, mixed salad with honey and mustard sauce 28 zł
Chicken fillet in herbs, with rice, grilled zucchini in lemon-cream sauc 30 zł
Roasted pork ribs in honey and chili with sautéed potatoes and a salad mix 32 zł
Grilled pork tenderloin in a mushroom sauce with spears and mixed salad in a vinaigrette sauce 34 zł
Leg of lamb in a homemade sauce with sautéed potatoes and a salad with thyme vinaigrette 36 zł
Wiener Veal Schnitzel with fried egg and mashed potatoes 36 zł
Cordon Blue with veal, mashed potatoes, mixed salad 38 zł
Baked pork knuckle in a roast sauce with sautéed potato and fried cabbage 38 zł
Duck fillet with spits in a berry and wine sauce, rocket salad 38 zł
Fried trout with rosemary, grilled zucchini and sautéed potatoes 34 zł
Salmon fillet with spinach and gorgonzola with tagliatelle pasta 40 zł